I looked through the photos and saw that my shots look differently - they had emotions, filed with joy and love. At that moment I knew what I wanted - to store the memories of the special moments in life for anyone who needs me. My friends, (and their friends) started to call me more often for their photography needs for special occasions, and one of the biggest rewards for me, is when I go to their homes, to see my work, printed and framed in their living room.

 I started photographing professionally in 2011. I never looked at my photography as a job, I see it as an enjoyment first, and I put my heard into it. It's an art, how I build your story from the beginning to the end. The images to me are not something we only look to remember, it's also how did we feel at the moment when the picture was taken. And this is why we will go back to look at our albums again - these moments are precious.

I approach every event with dedication, commitment and love for the work that I cherish so  much. For me every event is special - no matter if its ones in your life, or every year. I would love to be part of your special day and tell your story.

About me

Bilyana Turner


  I have love and passion for photography my whole life. At a young age, I enjoyed looking through my grandmother's old photo albums admiring the photographs. They were very simple, but captured our family history for the new generations to remember. What the pictures are showing, how they telling the story of the past and save our memories,​ started to be very important to me. I was 16 years old when I bought my first film camera, and instantly fell abscess with the art of photography. Love became a passion - to capture and freeze these moments forever. 

​  At first, my work was for my family and friends. I didn't miss an opportunity to practice my skills, using my creativity and unique point of view. A few years later I was complimented on my style and composition for a series of photographs.